Sciame specializes in the full-scale development of its projects, from single-family homes and land developments to mixed-use towers through its network of designers, architects, attorneys, lenders, contractors, and municipal agencies.

Entitlements, Zoning, and Planning
Provide overview and management of issues related to site zoning including changes, additions, and variances related to the asset, as well as provide Community Board and other municipal agency representation as needed.

Design Development
Provide ongoing management and financial modeling during design development phase, including impact analysis for additions and alternatives.

Financial Modeling
During all phases of the project, maintain and report on financial models including budget-to-actual reports and calculations of returns to owners and investors.

Budget/Schedule Creation and Management
Create, maintain, and update overall project timeline with key milestones and deliverables from vendors, consultants, and contractors.

Exit Strategy
Identify, pursue, and execute exit strategies that maximize development profit given market conditions.